Die-line Design

Caiye‘s construction experts are obliged to provide you with the best box design. If you have already designed a pleasing package for your products, we will design a viable packaging die template based on your artwork. If you are still struggling with your packaging design, we will create a production-tested tooling design for you based on the dimensions you provide.

All of our models are custom made, we suggest you supply the exact sizes and create a matching die-line model. After you receive the model, please notice these three important lines marking guidelines on the die drawing:

Cut Lines: Box shapes cutting based on cut lines. Please place the artwork inside the cutting line to ensure that it is cut or covered during the cutting or assembly process. (If you need to know the exact location of the design drawing, please click to contact our structural engineer)

Bleed Lines: Allow the printed image to extend beyond this line to ensure that your artwork will not appear in unintended colors at the edges when cutting. Generally, the designer will add 2~4mm of reserved position “bleed” around the image cutting position to ensure the consistency of the finished product.

Folding lines: Keep important labels in the correct place on the artwork. Keeping a distance from these lines will ensure that your labels do not fall into the folded lines during production inadvertently.

* Please note: Die-lines will not be printed on the final packaging, they are for design details and production reference only.

Our suggestions:

If you have no idea about the package size, please provide us with your product sizes. Our construction engineers will design a suitable model of the packaging die line for you, so that your designer can design on it comfortably.

If you have already completed the artwork, we will start proofing and production based on your documents.

If your artwork needs to be printed on both sides, please let us know to determine the direction of each panel.

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