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One-stop custom packaging origin manufacturer, help you create brand’s unique packaging.

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Caiye Packaging helps your brand make a lasting impression. As a Chinese customized packaging manufacturer with 20+ years’ experience, we believe that customized packaging is more likely to be popular, no matter the traditional mail box, folding carton, kit box, or the novelty magnet box, lid & base box. With a range of shapes, colors, materials and sizes, you can create something attractive on the surface from us, thereby making your customers look forward to your products.

- What We Can Do -

We noticed that our clients were spending a lot of time and money on the wrong packaging plans, resulting in them not being able to create their packaging on the right path. Therefore, we created a premium luxury packaging customization company to provide a one-stop packaging solution service, from packaging design and structural engineering to production and shipping.

Our goal and principle is to make it easy to get the best quality custom gift box service for any company. We believe that the cost of communication is the most expensive. When you work with us, our expert engineering team will work with you one-on-one on shapes, colors, materials, sizes, cost estimates, and more. More importantly, as a packaging design manufacturer, all projects will be open to you, from design to production.

Source Manufacturer

Packaging factory supplies the optimal solution for custom packaging box design, and guarantees the hightest quality available.

Quick Response

Knowledgeable sales engineers and packaging experts will respond your inquiry in the shortest possible time.

Free Initial Sample

All packaging boxes can be customized based on buyers' enquires, we will offer a free unprinted initial sample for you to confirm the structure.

Customer Privacy Protection

We guarantee all custom box design drawings are unique and confidential to the files you send.

Caiye Packaging Design Luxury Box Manufacturing

Imaginative Designers

In Caiye Packaging, our design team consists of intelligent, dedicated structural engineers and highly creative, agile packaging design experts. They are always passionate about their work and they can quickly understand your objectives and, with their unique market sense, provide you with customized, classy packaging that is satisfying, surprising and impressive.

Caiye Packaging Printed Paper Box Manufacturer with Factory Price

Rapid Delivery

When you are running out of stock and need a large quantity of boxes in a short period of time, or you are looking for OEM, please contact us! Our sales engineers will get in touch with you as quickly as possible, and will work out a packaging solution for you in the shortest possible time. Shockingly, we have a capacity of 200,000 sets per day.

Caiye Luxury Packaging Custom Manufacturer Caiye Custom Packaging Manufacturer

Problems Service

At Caiye Packaging, we don’t want inventory to be a burden to you, and we know how to calculate the right MOQ for you. Based on the troubles you may encounter, we’ve built global payment, shipping, channel and after-sales packaging solutions – making it easier and more convenient for anyone to connect from anywhere.

One-stop packaging solution

All you need to do is submit the design of the headset to us, and our professional team and state-of-the-art machines can quickly proof it in seven days and send you a sample for free.

Company Capability

Factory area
Production capacity / day
200000 pcs
200 +

Professional Printing Equipment

KBA 142 imported from Germany. Ensure printing quality

Design And Sales Team

Your inquiry will be answered within 8 hours. The design drawings will be finished in within 1 day.

Production Capacity

At least 5,000 pcs fully handmade boxes can be made each day. The delivery time is stable

Quality Control

During the production process, QC will take random inspections throughout the entire process to check the quality of the products. After the production process is finished, QC will take a full inspection method to check each product.

Customized All Structure

Absolutely, no one can accept bad made. All the steps are open and you will be able to follow your shipment anytime and anywhere from our sales engineers.

We welcome any packaging OEM customization. No matter the box structure or style you need, our designers can design it for you according to your idea. Once you confirm the design drawing, we can complete your order within 3 days as soon as possible.

If you want more special structure ideas and suggestions, please contact us!

Color Printing Options

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key), These four main inks can be mixed into most of the printing colors you want. CMYK is the most commonly used color printing option in packaging printing. You can get the color you need with the least ink consumption.

Unlike CMYK, the Pantone option is printed with a dedicated ink. Because there is no need for ink mixing, pantone will have a higher consistency in the printing process. If you need to ensure that every printing is consistent, even though the Pantone option is more expensive than CMYK, it is still the best option.

China Printed Packaging Box Manufacturer

Company Profile

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Packaging Process Video

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1. CTP

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2. Printing

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3. Mounting Paper

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4. Die-cutting

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5. Folding and Pressing

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6. No. 3 Manual production line

I always think that for each product, having exclusive packaging will play a role in the icing on the cake.
We are looking forward to cooperating with you, let us help your brand and business!                                                                                        

— Angel/Founder




Cooperation Partners

What Happy Clients Say

We have received the boxes and I am happy with the overall quality - good job! In general, we are happy, and you have secured yourself a repeat customer.
Quick feedback and professional suggestions made the project progress very smoothly. I am really glad to cooperate with you! Looking forward to our more cooperation in the future
Manager / Privilege.Group
We get a lot of positive feedback about the packaging and we are extremely helpful for all your support in the past. Your company will be our main supplier for product packaging
Director / MYCASMO

Is your company a custom box manufacturer or a packaging trader?

We are a custom packaging manufacturer with integrated industry and trade. We have our own factory, packaging design team, R&D engineering department, after-sales department, and sales team.

Can I get a free sample?

Yes, we can send you a free white sample (without any pattern) to confirm the structure. You just need to pay for the shipping!

If you need a full printed package, you may need to pay a small sample fee. The sample fee will be refunded when you next place a large order.

Where is your factory? How long has it been in business?

We are located in Liao Bu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. We have been providing custom packaging design and gift box service for over 20 years.

Is there a MOQ for custom packaging?

Yes, for any custom printed, custom structured boxes, we have a MOQ of 1 unit (for samples) or 1000 units (for official orders).

Do you have certification in packaging?

Yes. Our factory complies with ISO9001:2015 quality management, our products pass FSC certification, and BSCI also accredits us.

If you need any additional third-party certification, we can do it.

What are shipping options available to me?

We will send the sample via DHL, EMS, FedEx, or TNT.

Official shipments will be sent through our long-standing logistics companies by sea or air ( depending on weight, package size, and transit time).

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