Structural Design

If your products need to be in long term shipping, we suggest customizing your products with tight box inserts, also known as box inner trays. This is a great way to secure your product inside the box and give your product extra protection. Custom inserts allow for more detailed and flexible product placement, and a refreshing out-of-the-box experience.

Good products need to be protected in detail. Luxury jewelry, wines and spirits, cosmetics, perfumes, goggles and watches all need inner trays to hold and protect them. We can help you design custom inner trays for different shapes, sizes and fragile packaging. Naturally, for the protection and ornamental aspects of different products, we offer custom inner trays in different materials such as Paper card, Cardboard, EVA, Foam, PVC/PET, Satin, etc.

Our Suggestion:
Please send us your products and our structural project team will design the best box structure and inserts based on your samples. Let us know how you would like your product(s) placed and the quantities, we will establish the ideal layout, material and size.

Caiye Packaging Inserts Design Inner Tray
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